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ipa2018@business-school.ed.ac.uk John McIntyre Conference Centre and South Hall Complex 11-13 July 2018

Emerging Scholars Colloquium 2018

The Emerging Scholars Colloquium (ESC) is a two-day event that precedes the main IPA conference.

It is targeted at emerging scholars in any field of accounting who are currently pursuing a PhD. In line with the orientation of the IPA, the ESC seeks to promote the interdisciplinary study of accounting. Accordingly, emerging scholars interested in, and working on, the social, political, and organisational aspects of accounting theory and practice are particularly welcome.

The aim of the ESC is to provide emerging scholars with the opportunity to discuss their work with each other as well as with established accounting scholars. The main feature of the ESC is the presentation and discussion of students’ doctoral research.

In addition, faculty members provide input on selected topics of wider interest. The ESC is organised by Andrea Mennicken, London School of Economics and Political Science and Matthew Hall, Monash University and brings together a further ten faculty members who will provide constructive feedback for participants.

The Colloquium will take place at the Business School, which is situated in the University of Edinburgh’s central campus, close to the city centre. The participants will be accommodated a short walk away in the University’s student accommodation at Pollock Halls Campus, 18 Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh.

Meet the Organisers

Andrea Mennicken

Andrea Mennicken is Associate Professor of Accounting at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Deputy Director of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (LSE). She received her doctorate in accounting from LSE and holds master’s degrees in sociology from LSE and Bielefeld University. She is associate editor of Valuation Studies and an editorial board member of Accounting, Organizations and Society and the European Accounting Review. Her work has been published in Accounting, Organizations and Society, Financial Accountability and Management, Foucault Studies, and various edited volumes. She has co-edited with Hendrik Vollmer Zahlenwerk: Kalkulation, Organisation und Gesellschaft (2007) and with Peter Miller a special issue on Foucault and Accounting in Foucault Studies (2012). With Peter Miller, she has also recently written a chapter on “Foucault and the Administering of Lives” for the Oxford Handbook of Sociology, Social Theory, and Organization Studies.

Her research interests include social studies of valuation and accounting, transnational governance regimes, economization, financialization, and standardization. Recently, she has begun work on an international research project funded by the ESRC under the Open Research Area Programme for the Social Sciences, exploring the changing relationships between quantification, administrative capacity and democracy in healthcare (hospitals), correctional services (prisons) and higher education (universities). The project examines how quantification has been utilized in projects of social “welfare” from the early years after World War II until the 1970s, and how the role of quantification has changed in the context of market-oriented governmental reform from the 1980s onwards.


Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall is Professor of Accounting at Monash University. His research interests relate to management accounting and performance measurement, with a specific focus on nonprofits, social enterprise and the third sector. His current research is focused on the development and use of performance measurement techniques in nonprofit organisations and the development of techniques designed to measure social value and how they become implicated in the operations of nonprofits, impact assessment and influence discussions of nonprofit effectiveness more broadly. His work has been published in a variety of leading journals in the accounting, management and non-profit fields, including Accounting, Organizations and Society, Management Accounting Research, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management Studies, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and Voluntas.


ESC Faculty

  • Chris Carter (University of Edinburgh)
  • Christine Cooper (University of Strathclyde)
  • David Cooper (University of Alberta)
  • Claire Dambrin (ESCP Paris)
  • Ingrid Jeacle (University of Edinburgh)
  • Yuval Millo (University of Warwick)
  • Brendan O’Dwyer (University of Amsterdam and University of Manchester)
  • John Roberts (University of Sydney)
  • Keith Robson (HEC Paris)
  • Crawford Spence (King’s College London)
  • Hendrik Vollmer (University of Leicester)
  • Steve Walker (University of Edinburgh)